1984-85 Miners Strike - 30th Anniversary Commemorative Badge Issue

It is now 30 years since the great coal miners strike of 1984/85. This short period in British history was to see great political and social upheavals within the coalfields right across the United Kingdom and was to initiate a rapid end to the British coal industry as we all knew it. Prior to the start of the strike in 1984 there were 170 pits in Britain employing 181,400 men and producing some 90 million tonnes of deep mined coal annually. There are now only three deep mines left in the UK (Kellingley, Thoresby and Hatfield) employing less than 1,000 men and producing less than 15 million tonnes of coal a year.

No matter which side of the social or political divide one is from there is no doubt that the miners’ strike of 1984/1985 was a very black period in the history of our Nation and for that reason alone it is worthy of remembrance.

To mark the 30th anniversary of the strike we are issuing a set of commemorative limited edition badges in March/April of 2014.

Badge Type: High quality hard enamel complete with broach pin attachment;

Size: 32 by 31 mm;


Type I - Olive Green, Black, Gold & Cream (123 left as of 15th March 2014)

Type II - Black, Gold & Cream (130 left as of 15th March 2014)


Reverse Side: Engraved on the reverse "Forget Not The Lessons Of Our Past" plus a unique identification number out of a stated total of 150.

Number Issued: 150 of each type

Launch Date: 13th March 2014


Price by payment method:

Payment Methods Available

 Price per badge  (excluding P&P)

Postage & Packing Per Order (inclusive of multiple badges per order)

All Badges are sent with A Royal Mail Proof of Posting Certificate - Orders of 10 or more badges are sent free of P&P)

Standard (UK) Recorded Delivery (UK) Air Mail (UK)
Personal Cheque (UK Banks Only) £5.75 £1.10 £2.50 £3.50
On-line via Paypal £6.25 inclusive of seller's Paypal charges



To reserve your badge e-mail: linda.smith64@virgin.net or telephone 01740 630014.


Payment by cheque:

Make all orders payable to Linda Smith and send payment to 2, Mill Terrace, Thorpe Thewles, TS21 3JS, United Kingdom.

On-line Payment:

Via Paypal to e-mail account  linda.smith64@virgin.net .

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